September 2018 Risk Report

Welcome to this preview of the September 2018 issue of the Risk Report. It includes an update on how we’re doing, according to our most recent claims audit and our insureds’ surveys; tips to manage risk for strata and property managers; and an article on knowing your clients – you may not know them as well as you thought you did!

Especially for you as a managing broker, we’ve created a PowerPoint presentation that covers the points explained in the article “Knowing your client.” The presentation, suitable for use in office meetings, is available on the website along with other similar resources in the Managing Brokers section.

A reminder to licensees accessing the website: the password is eno.

How we’re doing
A recent external claims audit confirmed that we are following best practices in claims handling and recognized the expertise of our staff lawyers. Managing brokers and licensees involved in claims who completed satisfaction surveys in the past three years give E&O a satisfaction rating of more than 97 per cent.

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Risk management for strata and property managers
Strata and property managers face unique challenges in their day-to-day operations. Staff lawyer Ryan Dix discusses the most common claims they face, and how you can prevent them or defend yourself against them. Common sense, clear communication and detailed recordkeeping are key.

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Knowing your client
Knowing your client is more challenging than ever in today’s increasingly complex, global marketplace. This article addresses dealing with corporations, tips regarding witnesses and signing parties, what to know about your client’s marital status, Powers of Attorney, and a client’s capacity to enter into a contract.

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