Commercial Spaces for Rent in Your North Vancouver Community

Are you starting a new business or expanding an existing one? North Vancouver has become a magnet for entrepreneurs due to its competitive tax rate for small businesses, the number of high-income households that provide a ready-made market for a variety of services, and its robust community infrastructure. If you’re looking for commercial space for rent in North Vancouver, talk to the consultants who are experienced in commercial real estate at RE/MAX Commercial Advantage. We’ll help you find the property that best meets the needs of your growing.

Should You Rent Commercial Space in North Vancouver or Buy?

Owning a commercial space comes with significant benefits as well as some significant risks: when you buy your property, you build equity as your pay down your loan, you have income potential through renting your space, you have more control of your property than you would through a lease and, in North Vancouver’s hot real estate market, you are very likely to see the value of your investment appreciate.

However, for many small businesses, renting commercial space in North Vancouver is a more attractive option because of:

Smaller upfront costs: Instead of a hefty down payment and closing costs, businesses that lease property are likely to pay no more than a security deposit and some other small fees. Lower costs at the start of the lease also give start-ups more liquidity to invest in a growing business.

More choices: Typically, there are more commercial properties available for rent than for purchase, giving you more choices in your preferred location.

Room for growth: You can lease a property for a limited time and then re-evaluate whether you want to stay in the property. You won’t be locked into a property that you can’t sell and that no longer fits your business needs.

Less liability: Some repairs and maintenance costs as well as the cost of property insurance will be borne by the property owners, giving you more time and money to focus on your business.

Tax benefits: You will need to speak to your financial consultant to see whether the tax benefits of deducting lease payments and other costs outweigh the tax benefits of ownership.

We Make Finding Commercial Property for Rent in North Vancouver Easy

If you’ve never been north of the Lion’s Gate Bridge and you’re not familiar with the opportunities in North Vancouver, talking to one of our commercial consultants will help you avoid making an expensive mistake and even help you position your business for greater success and future expansion.

Our North Vancouver commercial real estate consultants know the market in and out and have established a huge network of contacts among property owners and managers – we know when the best properties and deals come on the market and we can help you negotiate a lease that works for your business.

Most of all, we give you the gift of time to prepare your business for the changes that are coming. We’ve done the research, not only into the inventory of commercial properties for lease in North Vancouver, but into the needs of the different industries now flocking here. Let us help you find and negotiate a commercial lease in North Vancouver that gives you room to grow.