More videos to help you prepare for the Rules of Cooperation changes

Changes to the Rules of Cooperation take effect on November 1. The changes range from minor modifications to new rules and a new form.

The Rules of Cooperation govern members’ conduct and obligations to each other in their day-to-day business.

These changes are in response to member feedback and requests we’ve received over the past several years.

What’s changing?

The most significant changes are in Section 3 — Listings and Section 4 — Offers. A new form, the Direction Regarding Presentation of Offers form, will be required if the seller has instructions to delay offer presentations and/or to specify whether a buyer’s agent can attend the offer presentation.  

Other changes to the rules deal with attachments to listings like documents and photos, contingent listings, showings, title searches, and manufactured/modular homes. There are also changes in other sections affecting offers and presentations, sales reporting, open houses and showings, signage, and lockboxes. 

Resources to help you with these changes

New videos

Ethics Guy® Kim Spencer has created a series of new ‘Top Tip’ videos to explain the changes in simple language. Watch the last four below.

Rule 3.24 Unauthorized Accommodation and/or Use

Rule 6.02 Appointments


Rule 6.03 Title Searches


Rule 9.01 Lockboxes and Access Cards


Click here to review the other videos in this series.

Documents and articles

We’ve also prepared a comparison guide displaying the old and new rules side-by-side so you can see what’s changed. You can also download a copy of the new Direction Regarding Presentation of Offers form here.

Finally, Kim’s written about these changes in a series of in-depth columns. You can read the first installment here, and the second installment here. These columns contain an overview of the rule changes and rule-by-rule breakdowns and rationales for changes.

Please review these resources ahead of the new rules taking effect November 1.