Our Team

RE/MAX Commercial Advantage's unique, value-added services are a reflection of our quality people. We are a team of experienced professionals committed to providing the best services in Commercial Real Estate.


We as team, provide our clients with a full range of real estate services dedicated to helping clients navigate BC’s ever-changing market. Our talented team of experienced agents and professionals offer a multi-faceted and diverse range of knowledge, skills and strengths. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams, and can’t wait to guide you along your journey.


From single family lots to acres of land for development of multifamily, high rises or indusrial. Land has value! Why? Because you can build on it. Buying land and building a dream project on it can change the entire residential or commercial neighbourhood. The beauty of land is that you can dream a project and make it come true. Off course, dealing with the re-zoning and permits may sometimes be challenging but the rewards are very attractive and most of the time second to none.
​If you want to buy land and hold or buy land and build or sell your land then we can help you meet your goals!


The Industrial commercial property is one where the property is utilized by a company for industrial use. Uses vary significantly from manufacturing, retail sales, storage and many more. Industrial property characteristics vary significantly from small 1,500 sq. ft units with small offices to massive 50,000 sq. ft complexes with heavy lifting ceiling cranes. This asset class has seen significant appreciation due to the ‘Amazon effect’ and the progressive changes businesses adapt to in the E-commerce world. Investors vary from owner operators to Industrial portfolio owner and shrewd investors with an eye on the future!​


The Retail commercial property is where a single strata unit, several strata units or retail units with land provide business opportunities for retailer to showcase their business through ‘window shopping’. Locations and type vary from high traffic ground floor locations, shopping mall retails, mezzanine spaces and more. Retail products are generally high income producing assets with complex leasing arrangements which secure landlords income for long periods and this makes them attractive to many investors.The Office commercial property is utilized by corporate level employees as an area to share knowledge, communicate and preform administrative tasks